If you’re one of the 20 million people suffering from a thyroid problem, you’re going to love this!

Today, I want to tell you about some foods (you probably already know and love) that can help your thyroid work like it’s supposed to.

Some of these foods have been rumored to heal the thyroid completely…but you’ll have to try them and see.  😉 

(Leave me a comment and tell me which ones worked best for you, ok?)

Let’s get to the food, now.

Foods That Can Heal Your Thyroid…

Food #1: Apples

Now, you probably know already that hypothyroidism usually comes with heavy metal toxicity.

What you might not know is that apples are great at cleaning out heavy metals from the system. So are pears and plums. It’s the pectin in their skins that helps heal your thyroid.

If you eat 1-2 daily, these fruit have the ability to reduce your heavy metal toxicity by up to 74%!  

Remember: Don’t peel your fruit. The skin is where all the good stuff is.

Food #2: Brazil Nuts

Researchers everywhere say that low selenium is linked to hypothyroidism…and Brazil nuts are FULL of selenium.

Mix them in your cereal, salads, and desserts. Or snack on them. If you eat these regularly during the week, you’ll be doing your thyroid a huge favor.

Remember: Don’t take selenium supplements unless your doctor directs you. Too much could kill you!

Food #3: Yogurt

Hypothyroidism is frequently associated with both Hashimoto’s disease and a vitamin D deficiency.

People who don’t have enough Vitamin D in their diets often have one or both diseases. Well…you can solve this easily with a cup of dairy-based yogurt. 

(And if you don’t like dairy, there’s also good amounts of Vitamin D in salmon and eggs.)

Remember: The goal is to get enough vitamin D every day without supplements. Get it from food.

Food #4: Iodized Salt

This one isn’t really a “food,” per se, but it’s definitely a staple and it’s easy to get and keep in the house.

Your thyroid simply won’t work without iodine. The fastest way to get it is by just using a little iodized salt in your food, if the taste requires it.

Some people gargle with iodized salt water in the morning

Remember: The goal is to get enough vitamin D every day without supplements. Get it from food.

If you use these food recommendations…

…you’ll be able to start working towards healing your thyroid. 

You’ll improve your diet a bit, too. Just know this list isn’t complete. Do your own research. 

Eat more green, leafy vegetables – raw and cooked.

And get outside and move your body, too. (It all works together, ok?)

Thanks for reading today. I hope this was useful as you start researching more foods for a healthy thyroid.

If you find one that really stand out, PLEASE let me know!

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