Is Digestion Too Complicated For US Doctors To Heal???

Human digestion is very complicated, and people usually suffer from many years before they find any relief from their digestion problems. I can’t tell you how many stories I heard about multiple misdiagnoses, being sent back home and told nothing is wrong, etc.

Sometimes I think doctors need to hand digestion problems back to nature…And while I Know that this is an unrealistic wish, I get tired of seeing people suffer for years and years with little to no hope for healing.

That’s what this article is about.

Recently, we talked about your enteric nervous system…and though your ENS is a smart cookie, it can’t drive your car, balance your checkbook, or text your friends back.

The primary role of your enteric nervous system is to make sure the food you eat gets broken down the right way.

Your blood needs glucose and nutrients so that all your organs function the way they’re supposed to.

 And you also need to eliminate whatever you can’t digest. Your enteric nervous system helps with all of that.

For a long time, doctors and researchers believed that your mood was what “upset your stomach.”  The fact is it was the other way around.

In fact, it was so the other way around that researchers have discovered something fascinating.

An upset stomach affects your appetite and how well you digest the food you’ve eaten…which in turn affects your mood and your tummy all over again.

It seems that digestion BEGINS in your digestive system and (from there) has an effect on every, other system in your body – from your mind and mood to your energy levels and weight.

You Might Not Get Help From Your Doctor…

At any given point in time, 30 to 40% of the population is having problems with their digestion. Additionally, researchers have discovered that people with irritable bowel syndrome tend to struggle with depression.

Since our two brains talk to one another, people are starting to consider that there might be a means of communication between them.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed all the new probiotic brands showing up in your local pharmacy. There are almost too many to choose from, now!

At the risk of sounding like I’m dumbing it down too much, probiotics are basically “good bacteria” that live inside of us and are beneficial to us (thus the “pro”. )

Studies have shown that, the more good bacteria you have, the less likely you are to struggle with mental health problems or weight challenges.

And this is regardless of whether or not you have gone to your doctor for help. Seems like that point doesn’t matter.

If you have the ability to get down to your local pharmacy or Big Brand retailer, you can buy a probiotic and start improving your digestion today.

As of right now, over a hundred new species of beneficial bacteria are being researched…

…and even if your doctor can’t tell you what to do, you can drive yourself down to the grocery store and help yourself!

Your doctors might try to prescribe certain antidepressants if you have irritable bowel syndrome because they tend to think it’s all in your head.

The problem is, sometimes these medicines trigger more problems… like more constipation, more diarrhea,  and occasionally more anxiety and depression.

So…Can Your Doctor Help??

Right now, the verdict is out as to whether or not Healthcare in the United States is good or bad for you. Here in America, we have a lot of moving parts and a few people making decisions for the masses.

As recently as 2006, the US spent over two trillion dollars on Health Care. And guess how much of the money went to prevention?

Very little.

And that’s why I say that you might not find your solution in modern Healthcare. You might just find it down at Walmart or your local health food store.

A Quick Story…

I don’t want to keep you too long today, but I do want you to know a personal story.

One of my staff writers used to call out sick a lot.  The only reason I didn’t let her go is because she always got her work done on time or early…

… and it didn’t matter what she said was going on in her life. Whether she was actually in the office or having to work from home, the work got done and she didn’t let me down.

Later, I found out she had an elderly mother with irritable bowel disease. Her mom had struggled with the disease for more than 20 years with no relief.

Now, on the face of it, it doesn’t seem like her Mother’s digestive problems should have caused her to miss work. But that’s the part I didn’t understand initially.

My employee’s Mom took a lot of different medications. Sadly, her medications tended to make her symptoms worse.

Her heart medication was constipating. So was her blood pressure medication. Her eye drops gave her diarrhea (go figure), and her cholesterol medication made her feel nauseous.

With all the changes in her meds over the years, she had two strokes and too many constricted breathing and circulation issues to count.

It wasn’t until my staff writer introduce probiotics and completely changed her mom’s diet that her digestion calmed down. IT TOOK THREE YEARS and lots of lost sleep and frustration…

…and though this story might not be your story, it should give you some hope that you can improve your digestion without having to go to the doctor’s office.

You don’t need some expensive prescription that will lower your quality of life.

All you probably need is a good probiotic.

Tell me: Have you been able to get good help from your doctor for your digestive problems? Or has he or she made matters worse?

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